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Peter Rochereau dit Lesperance

Peter Rochereau dit Lesperance

Pierre (Peter) Rocheleau dit Lesperance
Robb Russell, Family Researcher,
12 Mar 2005


Spellings are so varied for all his family that it is impossible
today to even know which was right at any one period of time.
Digitally all of the names will be spelled several ways and as a
family researcher we need to accept and understand our family history
starts with many names for all of our ancestors and their descendents

Pierre (Peter) Rochereau dit Lesperance was the son of Francis
Rocheleau dit Lesperance
born in Beauport, Quebec, PQ, Canada and he was
born in Sandwich, New France which today is known as Sandwich,
Windsor, Essex County, Canada on 29 Jun 1770. He died there 05 Jan
1838, please note a few records state that nearby Amherstburg as his
place of death. It is important genealogically to point out ; Peter
was born Pierre and took on the anglicized equivalent name of Peter
later on in life. He was born at a time that both England and France
were proving who would  be the masters of the New World and often each Crown waged war at the
other with religion being the root of the problem.

Pierre lived in a period of time that was full of War Revolutions.

1. War for American Independence, 1775-83

2. The French Revolution (1789-1799) was a period in the history of
France. During this time, republicanism replaced the absolute
monarchy in France, and the French sector of the Roman Catholic
Church was forced to undergo radical restructuring. While France
would oscillate among republic, empire, and monarchy for 75 years
after the First Republic fell to a coup d’tat by Napoleon Bonaparte.

3. Pierre was born in a subject of Britain unlike his father and grandfathers. Detroit and the new lands on the south shores of Detroit in what was once known as the South Shores of the Hurons became the missionary settlement Assumption and the nearby settlement that later became called by the British as Sandwich, Ontario. At the time of his birth,France no longer laid a claim to Canada , in his life time he seen Michigan become part of the United States and and he died a subject of the British Crown.Regardless these must have been uneasy times to be French in a English speaking world. Today there is as much prejudice between the French and English Canadians as I expect then.

This is a big family, that Pierre Rocheleau dit Lesperance came from
and this family goes today by many names. The following are Pierre’s
Siblings the children of Francois Rocheleau Lesperance and Marie
Josephe MELOCHE. There are a lot of families related to them today
with the names L’Esperance Lesperance, Rocheleau, Rouchereau,
Rushlow, Rushlau, Rushloe and I am positive other derivatives come
from this French Canadian family today.

Marie Josephe MELOCHE (Wife) b. 30 Jun 1739 in Detroit

Marriage: 13 Jan 1755 in Detroit
Marie Josephe ROCHELEAU b. 4 Oct 1755 in Detroit
Pierre ROCHELEAU b. 20 Jun 1757 in Detroit
Therese ROCHELEAU b. 1759 in Sandwich, Essex, Ontario, Canada
Madeleine ROCHELEAU b. 12 Feb 1761 in Sandwich, Essex, Ontario,
Michel ROCHELEAU b. 21 Feb 1762 in Sandwich, Essex, Ontario, Canada
Joseph ROCHELEAU b. 21 Feb 1763 in Sandwich, Essex, Ontario, Canada
Josette ROCHELEAU b. 4 Jun 1766 in Assumption, Sandwich, Ontario
Jean Baptiste ROCHELEAU b. 25 Sep 1767 in Assumption, Sandwich,
Jean Baptiste ROCHELEAU b. 13 Mar 1769 in Assumption, Sandwich,
Pierre ROCHELEAU b. 29 Jun 1770 in Assumption, Sandwich, Ontario

Pierre [Peter] additionally had three wives;


[Specific Sources are mentioned there ]

1. Therese Teresa Sainte Sy (Chauncy, Choisy, Saincy,) born 06 Oct
1775 probably in Canada and believed to have died in the Parish of
Assumption, Sandwich, Essex County, Ontario. They had nine children
together (Wife) b. 6 Oct 1775 in Assumption, Sandwich, Ontario
Marriage: 13 Aug 1792 in Assumption, Sandwich, Ontario


Pierre ROCHELEAU b. 14 May 1793 in Assumption, Sandwich, Ontario
Pierre ROCHELEAU b. 6 Jul 1796 in Assumption, Sandwich, Ontario
Francois ROCHELEAU b. 6 Apr 1798 in Assumption, Sandwich, Ontario
Michael ROCHELEAU b. 16 Oct 1800 in Assumption, Sandwich, Ontario
Chrysostom ROCHELEAU b. 28 Dec 1803 in Assumption, Sandwich, Ontario
Jacques ROCHELEAU b. 3 Jul 1806 in River Canard, Essex, Ontario,
Pierre ROCHELEAU b. 1 Jun 1809 in Assumption, Sandwich, Ontario

2. Teresa CHARON, dit CABANAC (Wife) b. 13 Apr 1793 in Assumption,
Sandwich, Ontario

Marriage: 13 Nov 1809 in Assumption, Sandwich, Ontario

Edward ROCHELEAU b. 11 Oct 1811 in Assumption, Sandwich, Ontario
Benjamin ROCHELEAU b. 4 Jan 1813 in Assumption, Sandwich, Ontario

3. Catherine Renaud (Wife) b. 2 Aug 1796 in Assumption, Sandwich,

Marriage: 4 Jul 1816 in Assumption, Sandwich, Ontario
Leandre ROCHELEAU b. 14 Apr 1817 in Assumption, Sandwich, Ontario
Mary Catherine ROCHELEAU b. 23 Sep 1818 in Assumption, Sandwich,
Magdelene ROCHELEAU b. 29 Sep 1819 in Assumption, Sandwich, Ontario
Catherine ROCHELEAU b. 27 Jun 1821 in Assumption, Sandwich, Ontario
Celeste ROCHELEAU b. 27 Sep 1822 in Assumption, Sandwich, Ontario
Honorius ROCHELEAU b. 18 Sep 1824 in Assumption, Sandwich, Ontario
Jerome ROCHELEAU b. 4 Nov 1826 in Assumption, Sandwich, Ontario
Anthony ROCHELEAU b. 1 Apr 1829 in Assumption, Sandwich, Ontario
Lambert ROCHELEAU b. 27 Nov 1830 in Assumption, Sandwich, Ontario
Joseph ROCHELEAU b. 21 Jun 1833 in Assumption, Sandwich, Ontario
David ROCHELEAU b. 3 Oct 1835 in Sandwich, Essex, Ontario, Canada

Re: Ford City, Michigan Now Wyandotte Michigan

Re: Ford City

I actually looked it up in a book I have had in my genealogy library  for a while a real gem “Michigan Place Names” by Walter Rohmig, LHD . Great for research  in Michigan.

Ford City to me now after reading it means home and when I say  home I mean exactly where I took my first breath in this world at Wyandotte General Hospital some 52 plus years today.

“Ford City was named for John B. Ford, president of Michigan Alkali Company incorporated as a village ; incorporated as a village in 1902; Mr Ford, who wanted the tax relief for his firm that a larger community would give, promised to build a public hospital if Ford City would merge with Wyandotte; it did , in 1922, and he deeded the completed Wyandotte General Hospital to the city of Wyandotte in 1926; the place was also known as Ford and Ford Village. “

Francis Rochereau dit Lesperance

According to Denissen:

Francis Rochereau dit Lesperance ( John Baptist 2 Bernard 1) b 20 Sep 1718 Beauport bur 7 Feb 1797 Assumption Sandwich m 13 jan 1755 Detroit Mary Joseph Meloche, b 30 Jun 1739 dau of Peter Meloche and Jane Caron


i. Mary Joseph (Josetta) 4 b 4 Oct Detroit bur there 18 Oct 1755
ii. Peter b 20 Jun Detroit bur there 11 Jul 1757
iii. Teresa b 1759 South Coast of Detroit bur 20 Mar 1760
iv. Magdelene b 12 Feb South Coast of Detroit bur 28 Dec 1842 Assumption
v. Michael 5 b 21 Feb 1762 South Coast of Detroit bur 28 Dec 1842
vi. Joseph b 21 feb 1763
vii. Josette b 4 Jun 1762 Assumption, sandwich bur there 13 Apr 1839 m 1st there Benjamin Chaput, b 1748 bur there 25 Nov 1796 son of James Chaput and Geneva Senecal dit LaFramboise, b 31 dec 1754 Detroit bur 27 Dec 1808 Assumption son John Louis Revau dit Lajeunesse and Mary Joseph Guignard dit St Etiene
viii. John Baptist 6 b 25 Sep 1767
ix. John Baptist b 13 Mar [Excluded] Assumption bur there Jun 1769
x. Peter 7 b 29 Jun 1770

Source: Denissen-1094

Baptismal Record Paul L’Heaureux

Alain what does this record say about Paul?

“01 May 1835

Short Transcription of baptismal record of Paul L’Heureux (Laura)

Paul L’Heureux Father Pierre L’Heureux (Farmer) , Both Marguerite Morrain St Hyacynte Quebec
Godfather Emannuelle Brunel  God Mother  Mary Morrain.” – Alain Dagenais